Resonance In Self and Others


‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’

2-day Personal Growth Workshop


Peter Wrycza, PhD, MA, MP, ESIA

13-14 May 2023

Warsaw, Poland

In Person & Online (hybrid)



‘I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known’

– Rumi


If you would like to

–       refine the quality of you communication with others, whether at home, among friends, or at work

–       be more open and present in your interactions with others

–       become more coherent in yourself, while resonating more beautifully with the inner being of others

–       explore the mystery of group consciousness and help it unfold in beautiful and surprising ways.

Then this workshop is for you!


During our days together, you will:

  • Develop ‘Relational Presence’, the capacity to stay close to your own inner process while, becoming fully sensitive to what is happening in others, and in the field between you
  • Experience how Resonance, in yourself and others, enlivens deep wellsprings of creativity, in which problems dissolve, and unexpected insight and solutions arise naturally and delightfully
  • Appreciate the power of simple meditation practices to deepen the capacity to be present, listen, and enjoy greater resonance with others
  • Experience the potential for the natural process of ‘innerdance’ to free blocks in the bodymind and open inner energy and enliven inner awareness – the foundation for resonant relating


Our process

In each session of our programme, we briefly seed key principles, to integrate in our process and interactions.

As we enter and explore Conversations on the Edge of Silence, for personal and group discovery, we enjoy a deepening presence and responsiveness to what is present in ourselves and others at any moment – noticing what is ‘here’ and responding to it appropriately, whether one-to-one or in the groups we form.

Without too tight or formal an agenda, as a direction emerges from our respective needs and interests, we follow it, circling around key themes until the ‘heart of the matter’ becomes clear.

Increasingly, we open to a shared spaciousness in which solutions arise naturally – both for ourselves and the group.

Our first focus is not on tools and techniques, but on fine-tuning the extraordinary instrument of our own bodymind. Our work is both meditative and moving, as senses, mind, heart, and spirit come into resonant alignment.


Key Topics and Themes – Both Explicit and Implicit

The Nature of Silence

  • Silence, spaciousness, and pure awareness
  • Speech and Silence – figure and ground, foreground and background
  • Silence, the Common Ground, where we all meet

The Power of Silence

  • Key to conversations that are transformational and generative – whether one-to-one or in a group
  • Silence as portal to presence in which contradictions resolve themselves naturally
  • Letting go, letting be, and letting come in the natural 'Wave of Unfolding’ – individual and collective

Keys to Conversations on the Edge of Silence

  • Cognitive
  • Energetic
  • Metaphoric
  • Implicit (Assumptions)
  • Source & Beyond

The Nature of Resonance

  • Within ourselves and amongst each other
  • Heightening inner Being and inter-Being through Resonance

The Three Dimensions of Unfolding

  • Self, Other, Group/System
  • Holding and unfolding this multidimensional relational space

Making a Difference to a World in Crisis

  • Awakening from, awakening to…
  • Small shifts, transforming our world, one breath, one conversation at a time


 Our programme schedule:

Day 1:

Morning Session (9.30-12.45)

Introduction to Conversations on the Edge of Silence

COTEOS Pair Partnering

Keys to Effective Dialogue

Relational Presence
Deep Listening

Lunch break (13.00-14.00, approximately)

Afternoon Session (14.00-17.15)

COTEOS Pair Partnering (continued)

Introduction to COTEOS Circles

Evening awareness meditation (17.30-18.00)

 Evening break (18.00-19.00)

Evening Session (19.30-21.30 approximately)

Innerdance experience and integration, closing circle

 (please bring yoga mat, and wear comfortable clothing)


Day 2:

Morning Session (9.30-12.45)

Morning awareness meditation

COTEOS Circles (continued)

Practice and processing

Lunch break (13.00-14.00)

Afternoon Session (14.00-17.15 pm)

COTEOS Circles (continued)

COTEOS Pair Partnering (concluding session)

Closing conversations and integration

Moving forward

Closing meditation


Your Facilitator – Peter Wrycza, PhD, MCC, MP, ESIA

Peter is the developer of the simple yet profound Conversations on the Edge of Silence approach to working with individuals, couples, groups, and communities.

For the past 45 years, he has been exploring the prerequisites for deep transformation and natural awakening working with individuals and groups in Europe and Asia. Out of this work (in collaboration with Jan Ardui) emerged an holistic approach to personal and organizational development – ‘the Way of Unfolding’.

This approach, a kind of ‘Tantric Advaita’ embraces the natural unfolding of things through the extraordinary interplay of opposites within the deep wholeness of Life. This work draws on a synthesis of the core of traditional Balinese wisdom and best Western practice. For Peter this approach is underpinned by extensive meditation and self-unfolding movement practices.

Committed to supporting transformation and awakening in individuals and groups, Peter has trained, mentored, and supervised coaches and mentors in many countries for more than 20 years. He is the developer of Deep Transformational Coaching, and the Re•Patterning Process – a method for exploring and updating life-patterns. He holds the highest credentials with both the leading professional coaching bodies, ICF and EMCC, as well as being a credentialed supervisor.

With an academic background in literature, learning, creativity and higher states of consciousness, Peter is a former colleague of Tony Buzan and a graduate of Nathalie Rogers’ Person Centred Expressive Therapy Institute. He has been a major contributor to the field of NLP and his work has been recognized in many countries, including UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, Indonesia, India, Russia, Canada, and USA.

His current interests cluster around stimulating and supporting a natural Awakening in individuals and groups through unfolding inner energy and awareness in gentle conversations that matter. He also applies these principles to nurture Radical Intimacy in relationships.

Peter is the author of Living Awareness, and co-author of Moksha and Living in the Spirit with Luh Ketut Suryani. Co-author of When Performance Meets Alignment, with Jan Ardui. He has collaborated with the founder of ‘innerdance’, Pi Villaraza, in writing Innerdance Journey.

He is the founder of the Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness in Bali – an inspiring location, where East and West meet, for people to change, learn, and grow together, as they unfold inner awareness. When not teaching internationally, Peter is based at Nirarta, leading retreats, seminars, writing, and enjoying Balinese life.

Originally from Norfolk, England, he is of mixed Polish, Italian, and English parentage. Besides English, Peter speaks French and Italian, conversational German and Indonesian.



To 30 April – 1650 PLN

After 30 April – 1950 PLN

Last minute (after 10 May) – 2250 PLN

Payment to:

PerfectCircle Sp. z o.o.

ul. Chmielna 73

00-801 Warszawa

Account N0.: 72 1140 2004 0000 3002 7963 1540



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